BOOK by Jack Wright Jr. A Conservative Christian Looks at America

Jack Wright Jr.

Jack Wright Jr.

After entering the private practice of law, I have watched, over the past twenty years, some dramatic changes in the political and social climate of the United States.

While, initially, I had no position on abortion, in the early 1980′s, I saw the video, “The Silent Scream,” and that convinced me that an unborn child is a baby, and has a right to life.

As a criminologist, I have been concerned with the rising crime rate, attributable, in large part, to the advent of the wide-spread use of drugs, and the absence of a father figure in the home. As an educator, I realize that no nation can remain great when a large portion of its citizens do not possess the skills to function in a high-tech workforce.

Of interest to me has been the theory of evolution, which is accepted in biology textbooks without sufficient criticism. The rise of the creation science movement, and the “intelligent design” theory, have shown the total inadequacy of the competing theories of evolution to explain the origin and destiny of man.

One of the great battles in which I engaged with the late Bucky Hargiss was to defeat riverboat gambling in Ouachita Parish, Louisiana. Gambling is a fools paradise. It is a no-inventory, no-product form of legalized theft. Any community which depends upon gambling is destined to have bankruptcy, divorce, and the loss of revenues to useful businesses.

Our government is dominated by multi-national corporations who salute no flag, nor bow to the cross. Their only motivation is to “maximize shareholder profits,” even if that means exploiting slave labor in other countries. The economic future of our country rests in fair trade, not unbridled free trade.

Finally, the United States of America is the greatest country in the history of the world. It achieved its greatness because it was founded and guided by the divine hand of God. Its future depends upon that continued reliance on “one nation, under God, with liberty and justice for all.”


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